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College/Graduate School Symbols III

이 테이블은 각 단과대학/대학원 엠블렘의 사용 조직, 상징 소개를 보여줍니다.
College/Graduate School Symbols III
Description of Symbols
글로벌비즈니스대학 상징
글로벌비즈니스대학원 상징
  • -Undergraduate: College of Global Business
  • -Graduate: Disciplines related to College of Global Business such as Graduate School Department of Corporate Management and Graduate School of Management and Information

The academic philosophy of the College of Global Business is shown through intersecting frames implying international exchange and communication superimposed on a globe symbolizing globalization. The initials of global business “GB” cement the identity of the college.

공공정책대학 상징
공공정책대학원 상징
  • -Undergraduate: College of Public Policy
  • -Graduate: Disciplines related to College of Public Policy such as Graduate School Department of Public Policy

The combination of a torch, symbolizing truth-seeking, pen, symbolizing study, and laurels, symbolizing honor, represent the academic philosophy of the College of Public Policy.

문화스포츠대학 상징
문화스포츠대학원 상징
  • -Undergraduate: College of Culture and Sports
  • -Graduate: Disciplines related to College of Culture and Sports such as Graduate School Department of Sport and Leisure Studies and Graduate School of Culture and Sports

A pine nut tree, the symbol of Korea University, and the initials “CS” for “Culture and Sports” symbolize the College of Culture and Sports.

KU-KIST에너지환경대학원(그린스쿨) 상징
  • -Graduate: KU-KIST Graduate School of Energy and Environment (GREEN SCHOOL)

Leaves symbolizing the circulation of green resources and laurels symbolizing glory intertwine to represent talent versed in the convergence of science and technology with the humanities and social sciences.

기술경영전문대학원 상징
  • - Graduate: Graduate School of Management of Technology

A symbol expressing the ‘light of innovation’, and a symbol expressing the ‘river of intellectual convergence’ and ‘eye of insight into the future’ are intertwined with the initials “MOT” for “Management of Technology” to display the academic philosophy of the Graduate School of Management of Technology.

KU-KIST융합대학원 상징
  • - Graduate: KU-KIST Graduate school of Converging Science and Technology

Two flags, crossed to symbolize the convergence of two institutes, are superimposed over an open book symbolizing academic possibilities to represent the multidisciplinary, cooperative nature of the relationship between study and research. 

행정전문대학원 상징
  • -Undergraduate: Graduate School of Public Administration

The architecture of ancient Greece, the ethos of democracy, symbolizes the institute’s efforts to foster talent that will contribute to fairness and justice in national policies and administration.

노동대학원 상징
  • -Graduate: Graduate School of Labor Studies

The flame represents eternal growth and harmony, while the two pillars symbolize the robust cooperation between labor and management.

보건대학원 상징
  • -Graduate: Graduate School of Public Health

The snake and jar of Hygeia, the traditional symbol of hygiene, are combined with scales representing modern public health.

임상치의학대학원 상징
  • -Graduate: Graduate School of Clinical Dentistry

The symbol comprises the serpent-entwined staff of Asklepios, the god of medicine, 32 leaves symbolizing the 32 permanent teeth, and 20 fruits symbolizing the 20 baby teeth. The overlapping Greek alphabets delta (Δ) and omicron (Ο) mean “dentist” and “teeth,” respectively.

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