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QS Subject Rankings 26 areas Entered the top 100

QS World University  Rankings 2023 74th


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School Motto - “Liberty, Justice, Truth”, what makes KU people true KU people

The school motto announced in celebration of KU’s 50th anniversary represents the realization of human freedom (LIBERTAS), the pursuit of justice (JUSTITIA) in society and an overflowing passion for the search for truth (VERITAS).
Intellectuals in action with passionate hearts, not numb and engrossed in texts, are KU’s everlasting value; this ideal is what makes KU people true KU people.

Symbol Animal - Tiger (Courage, Determination, Agility, Dignity)

As a totemic animal of the Korean people, the tiger represents courage, determination, agility and dignity, the very values enshrined in KU students. The stone tiger statute, which was installed on the eastern hill of Anam Campus in 1963, captures the determination of KU students to nurture their high-spirited character, fidelity and audaciousness to become the eternally beating artery of the nation.

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KU Tree - Korean pine (fidelity and integrity)

The Korean pine which represents fidelity and integrity, perfectly expresses KU’s strong will to serve as a cradle for talent.

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School Color - Crimson

C 9% + M 100% + Y 64% + K 48%
Crimson symbolizes vitality and passion, embodying KU’s academic traditions and nature.

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