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Korea University


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Campus Tour

  • Tour programs

    Tour programs include group and regular tours.

    When a group with 20 or more persons applies for the group tour, Yeoul, Korea University’s student ambassadors, guides the campus tour on the requested date.

    Individuals or a small group with less than 20 persons are eligible for the regular tour on the date posted on the bulletin board in advance.

Student Ambassador Yeoul Faces representing Korea University, pride reaching beyond the school boundary

Yeoul, representing the high-pitched, audacious spirit of student ambassadors, stands for ‘echoes through KU’

to reach people beyond the school boundary. Since its founding in 1998 as a school organization affiliated with the Communication Team under the Office of Development & External Affairs, Yeoul has accommodated over 40,000 visitors and at least 500 groups, thus promoting the excellence of KU.

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Communications Team
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