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The emblem of the tiger inside a crimson shield is the representative symbol of Korea University. Under no circumstances should any of the elements be repositioned, redrawn, modified, or omitted (in particular, arbitrarily spaced). In addition, unauthorized commercial use constitutes a violation of law.

Korea University’s 111th Anniversary Symbol

old symbol complete image

Created in 2016, Korea University’s official 111th anniversary symbol
preserves the essence and details of the KU symbol but features
a modified edge to represent the unique identity of the university.

Global Symbol

Re-launched to commemorate the centennial anniversary of its founding in 2005, the UI illustrates the global, transnational vision of Korea University to “join the ranks of world-class universities” based upon its rich history and traditions.

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“Shield,” Education Saves the Nation/ “Crimson,” Passion of Youth
The “shield” embodies founder Lee Yong-ik’s belief, “Education Saves the Nation” through fostering talent, which laid the foundation of KU. “Crimson,” the school color, represents vitality and passion, symbolizing KU’s academic tradition and nature.
“Tiger,” Sweep Through the World and Roar to Shake the Earth!/ “1905,” KU’s Beginning as a National University
The Tiger, the symbol of both Korea and KU, represents KU’s spirit of courage, determination, agility and dignity. “1905,” the year of KU’s establishment, highlights its 109-year (and counting) tradition and depth in academic research.

Old Symbol

old symbol complete image

old symbol shield

The color of vitality and passion embodying KU’s academic traditions and nature


old symbol free, justice, truth

The color of vitality and passion embodying KU’s academic traditions and nature


old symbol tiger

Tiger, representing courage, determination, agility and dignity

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