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Individual Background and Components

Background of the Development of College Symbols

For the first time in Korea, Korea University created symbols for each individual college in 2016 in commemoration of KU’s 111th anniversary. KU systematically developed heraldic college symbols based on the university’s motto, “Liberty, Justice, and Truth,” reflecting the characteristics of each college (history, tradition, educational ideology, symbolic character, and initials).

Structure of College Symbols

signature koreanHumanities & Social Sciences:
Horizontal center line symbolizing “justice” and symbolically colored vertical stripes

signature englishScience & Engineering:
Vertical center line symbolizing “truth” and symbolically colored diagonal stripes

signature chineseArts & Physical Education:
Diagonal line symbolizing “liberty” and symbolically colored horizontal stripes

Components of College Symbols

Symbolic Character
Forms representing the colleges’ academic ideology
Auxiliary Symbolism
Linear patterns symbolizing KU buildings or individual images symbolic of the respective college arranged into a pattern
Shield Frame
Unified use of shields for both KU and college
Symbolic Color
Specific color representing each college
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