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Strongly Support KU with Love
  • Writer : KU TODAY
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  • Date : 2024-02-08

Donor Interview
Daol Investment & Securities Executive Director Hyun-chul Han

(Department of Business, ‘92)
Seong-ju Han,  Ph.D. in Public Health
(Department of Political Science and International Relations, ‘93)

Strongly Support KU with Love

서로를 바라보고 웃는 한현철, 한성주 교우

On Oct 20, 2023, Hyun-chul Han, Executive Director at Daol Investment and Securities, and Seong-ju Han, broadcaster, donated 300 million won to their alma mater’s initiative to commemorate KU’s 120th anniversary. KU President Dong-One Kim said, “It is the first time we received a donation from a brother and sister in the history of the university. I sincerely thank Hyun-chul Han and Seong-ju Han, who have written a new chapter in donations and in this way have expressed their profound support for the university.”

인터뷰에 응하고 있는 한현철 교우


한현철 교우

Korea University Alumni Brother and Sister Act

“Both of our parents graduated from Korea University. When they studied together at the Graduate School of Education, they often took us with them. To us, it was like a playground when we were around the College of Education. From that time on, we were taught early about the warm community created by Korea University students and faculty.”

The two Hans, brother and sister, entered Korea University in 1992 and 1993, respectively. One day Hyun-chul came to the College of Political Science and Economics to buy his sister lunch. She walked arm in arm with her brother, as she was delighted to see him, but people mistook them for a couple and started a rumor about his dating life. “Walking arm in arm and staying close to each other were natural to us, but people around us often thought it very unusual,” he said, laughing.

Hyun-chul Han has long been the Vice President of the Bosung College Alumni Association. “Even after graduation and working in my career, I think it is not an exaggeration to say that being a KU alumnus has been a sort of reliable safety net that I can count on, and thanks to that I have become what I am now. I might not be ideal for the role, but as I wanted to repay the university’s love and favor, I decided to work as Vice President of the association,” said Han.

Performing Again as a member of the Cheering Squad at the Ko-Yon Games 30 Years After Graduation

Seong-ju Han drew a lot of attention when she made a surprise appearance on the stage at the last Ko-Yon Games as a member of ‘Pohyo 93,’ the cheering squad consisting of alumni who entered the university in 1993.

“In my freshman year I joined two student clubs, KUBS and the cheering squad. When they were preparing for the Ko-Yon Games, both of them got so busy that I had to choose one club to focus on, and I sadly left the cheering squad because I couldn’t find a way to manage them both. But thanks to an old friend I met when we were undergraduates, who called me to join this event, I had so much fun and made unforgettable memories that I was not able to have 30 years ago.”

For their first cheering performance in 30 years, she and her colleagues started practicing in summer and poured their energy into preparations. “I never missed a single practice and did my best, and some of my friends presented me with a commemorative tablet to recognize my effort. But, you know, we are all half a hundred years old (laughs), which means that we all came to practice with pads and guards on our knees, backs, and wrists. We even had to use medicated patches and bandages to relieve the pain. Although our bodies were sore and some of us had to get an IV and acupuncture, we had fun practicing the cheering choreography. I have a lump in my throat remembering each movement and cheer. It was truly a happy and precious moment together with my friends, and doing it for the university.”


인터뷰에 응하고 있는 한성주 교우

한성주 교우

Cheering for KU with Love, Warmth, and Strength

“I was worried when I saw Seong-ju practicing so hard that she had to get an IV, but at the same time I was so proud of her,” said Hyung-chul. “The phrase ‘KU Alumni’ still makes our hearts pump. After the Ko-Yon Games and the 30th commemoration event, Seung-ju told me that she wanted to make a meaningful donation to the university even if the amount would be small. I did not hesitate for a second and agreed to join her in this. This devotion to KU came about because of who she is. Seong-ju has always made contributions to society since her school days, working as an honorary ambassador for UNICEF and Community Chest of Korea in Seoul.”
“I chose to focus on Public Health for my Ph.D. because I wanted to study further in order to identify practical and more professional solutions that can be used in real-world volunteer activities,” said Seong-ju.

“Pride in being KU alumni is not something that is valid only when you are your heyday. When I was going through tough times, the professors from the Department of Political Science and International Relations and my friends, especially female friends, supported me a lot. Within the protective boundary of KU I feel safe, as I am loved and strengthened just because I am a KU alumnus no matter whether or not I am a celebrity or a powerful figure. I believe this mutual bond makes KU strong, and the strength of KU is its warmth,” said Seong-ju.

The two Hans are striving to convey and repay the love they receive from KU, with Hyun-chul Han playing a vital role on the economic front as an asset management specialist and Seong-ju Han working as a lecturer and specialist in horticulture therapy. The university recognizes the loyalty that produced their donation, and will exert every effort to transmit their love and dedication to the world.


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