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Korea University Professors’ Scholarship Foundation, Seokrim Fou...
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  • Date : 2024-04-01

Korea University Professors’ Scholarship Foundation, Seokrim Foundation, Holds Scholarship Certificate Award Ceremony for Spring Semester 2024
Warm Hearts of the Professors towards Their Students
1.2 Billion Won Scholarships Awarded to 57 Students



석림회 장학증서 수여식에서 단체 사진을 찍고 있다.

▲nbsp;Group photo taken at the Seokrim Foundation Scholarship Certificate Award Ceremony



As the new semester begins, professors have awarded scholarships to students.

On Thursday, March 14th, at 5 PM, the Seokrim Foundation, a scholarship foundation consisting of Korea University professors, held the Spring Semester 2024 Seokrim Foundation Scholarship Certificate Award Ceremony in the International Video Conference Room in the Centennial Memorial Samsung Hall of Korea University.

At the ceremony, 57 students were selected as scholarship recipients, and approximately 1.2 billion won in scholarships was awarded.

The Seokrim Foundation, founded in 1970 by professors with the purpose of nurturing future generations, now has approximately 900 professors as its members. It is the largest scholarship foundation established within Korea University. Annually, about 100 students on average are granted scholarships ranging from 2 to 5 million won per person.

장To select scholarship recipients, professors from the steering committees of each college, deans of colleges, and the Academic Affairs Department hold a meeting to screen scholarship applications. Those who overcome challenging circumstances and show outstanding performance in their studies and exemplary conduct towards others are selected as scholarship winners.

Lee Won-gyu, the Provost & Executive Vice President, remarked, "Korea University has always fostered strong bonds between professors and students, seniors and juniors." He added, "Even after graduation, our alumni always miss Korea University as home in their hearts and actively engage in supporting their juniors.” He concluded his congratulatory speech, saying, "I hope you will not forget the meanings of wanting our students to develop into highly talented individuals and the love for juniors, and I hope you will spend this semester fruitfully."



최석무 석림회장이 기념사를 하고 있다.

▲ Choi Seok-moo, Chairman of the Seokrim Foundation giving a commemorative speech



Next, Choi Seok-moo, chairman of the Seokrim Foundation, began his speech, saying, "You have been selected as scholarship recipients as a result of your tireless efforts to achieve." Quoting 17th-century English poet John Donne's poem ‘No Man is an Island,’ he underlined that each individual is a part of the community of common destiny for mankind. He said "When you go out into society and succeed, please remember that we are all connected by donating scholarships to our students," offering words of encouragement.



석림회 학생대표들이 말하고 있다. (왼쪽) 송귀민 학생 (오른쪽) 최하민 학생

▲ Student representatives of Seokrim Foundation giving a speech (Left) Song Gwi-min (Right) Choi Ha-min



Song Gwi-min (Class of 2023, College of Nursing), who attended as a representative of the scholarship recipients, said, "There is a saying that the bigger the tree, the bigger the shade," and added, "I hope that all of you will use the scholarship as a foundation to have a good influence on those around you." Choi Ha-min (Class of 2022, College of Nursing) said, "Receiving the Seokrim Foundation scholarship is a valuable experience and a meaningful occasion," and she continued, "I will work harder not to let down the expectations of the professors."




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