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Korea University and Ansan City Sign MOU to Establish Gifted Edu...
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  • Date : 2024-04-01


Korea University and Ansan City Sign MOU to Establish Gifted Education Center for Nurturing Future Talent
Facility to accommodate approximately 100 students from 5th grade elementary to 2nd grade middle school across six classrooms



김동원 총장(왼쪽)과 이민근 안산시장이 기념 사진을 찍고 있다.

▲ President Kim Dong-one (left) and Ansan City Mayor Lee Min-geun posing for a commemorative photo



A center for gifted education dedicated to nurturing future talent will be established within Ansan Hospital. Ansan City and Ansan Hospital have reached a consensus on the importance of fostering future talent with creative capabilities within the region.

On March 19th at 4 PM, in the first conference room of the Main Hall, Korea University signed a business agreement with Ansan City (Mayor Lee Min-geun) to establish a gifted education institution for nurturing future talent.

Through this agreement, the Korea University Gifted Education Center is set to be established within Ansan Hospital by the first half of next year. The center, consisting of 6 classrooms, is expected to accommodate approximately 100 students from the 5th grade of elementary school to the 2nd grade of middle school.

This agreement is especially meaningful as it demonstrates collaboration between a local hospital and municipal government to discover gifted individuals with potential within the region and improve the educational environment, particularly amidst a gradual decrease in the number of gifted education institutions due to factors such as a decline in student numbers caused by low birth rates and operating deficits.

President Kim Dong-one said, “Korea University Ansan Hospital, which will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2025, is evolving into a top hospital in the West Coast region and a platform hospital for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” He added, “Now that we are entering the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution characterized by AI, it is important to establish education and research infrastructure to foster talented people who will lead the future society. In this sense, establishing a gifted education institution at Korea University Ansan Hospital will mark another step towards fulfilling Korea University's social responsibility for nurturing talent. Through this agreement, we hope the relationship of mutual development cooperation between Korea University and Ansan City will be further strengthened and achieve significant outcomes.”

In response, Lee Min-geun, Mayor of Ansan City said, “We hope that Korea University Ansan Hospital will continue to flourish together with the local government as a hospital that covers medical care, health, and education.” He continued, “We will thoroughly prepare the gifted education center and make it a nurturing ground for creative talent who will lead future society.”




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