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Team Led by Professor Yoo Seung-hun Wins Three Awards at Germany...
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  • Date : 2024-03-25

Team Led by Professor Yoo Seung-hun Wins Three Awards at Germany's iF Design Award 2024
Awarded in the categories of user interface and user experience
Professor Yoo Seung-hun’s team continues exceptional streak of international awards for a design education institution



유승헌 디자인 조형학부 교수

▲Professor Yoo Seung-hun of the School of Art & Design



The design team led by Professor Yoo Seung-hun of the School of Art & Design has been honored with three main awards at Germany's iF Design Award 2024.

Dubbed the Academy Awards of the design world, the iF Design Award, along with Germany's Red Dot and America's IDEA awards, is considered one of the top three global design awards. This year, the iF Design Award's communication category received more than 10,000 entries from over 60 countries. Professor Yoo Seung-hun's team won its awards in the categories of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).



▲ (왼쪽) 다시봄 디자인 (오른쪽) 이지은 디자이너

▲ (Left) Dasibom Design (Right) Designer Lee Ji-eun


Dasibom (Lee Ji-eun, Cheon Se-ah, and Cho Ye-eun), the winners of the main award this year, developed the UX for an application providing mind health care services for the elderly, in collaboration with KU Mind Health Institute in the School of Psychology. Working alongside psychologists and computer scientists, they integrated clinically validated psychological theories into the mobile UX, focusing on aspects such as elderly cognition, color schemes, and information architecture. Their application design, which prioritizes user-friendly UX by considering learning, memory, and usability, successfully won the award.

This project was supported by the Humanities and Social Research Institute Support Program of the National Research Foundation of Korea.



▲ (왼쪽) MOBY SW 디자인 (오른쪽) 안지훈 디자이너

▲(Left) MOBY SW Design (Right) Designer Ahn Ji-hoon



MOBY SW (Ahn Ji-hoon) proposed a UX design for a teach pendant that can control an autonomous mobile robot. The project was a collaborative design with Neuromeka, a robot specialist company, and Dr. Dong Ji-yeon from the Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), and was recognized for designing a robot UX that allows beginners to easily learn and use it for robot collaboration.



▲ (왼쪽) Nubit 디자인 (오른쪽) 김지윤, 김수연, 김지은 디자이너

▲ (Left) Nubit Design (Right) Designers Kim Ji-yoon, Kim Soo-yeon, Kim Ji-eun


Nubit (Kim Ji-yoon, Kim Soo-yeon, and Kim Ji-eun) proposed a service design that supports the travel experiences of individuals with disabilities, for whom outdoor activities can be challenging. They designed the UX for integrated travel software that combines autonomous vehicle technology and artificial intelligence, and this allowed them to achieve the honor of winning both IDEA and iF awards following their previous win at the IDEA awards in the United States.

The UX Design Lab led by Professor Yoo Seung-hun of the School of Art & Design has won over 30 awards, with the three iF awards coming just six months after winning six awards at the IDEA award in the United States in the second half of last year. This is an exceptional winning record for a design education institution competing with professional design companies.

"As the industry and the international design community have high expectations for UX design, which requires combined solutions involving various technologies, humanities, and data, we will prepare for the industry of the future through Korea University's convergence UX design education and research, including the use of data and AI," said Professor Yoo Seung-hun of the School of Art & Design.

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