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게시판 -- 목록(갤러리)
Korea University holds 2024 Entrance Ceremony
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  • Date : 2024-03-25


Korea University holds 2024 Entrance Ceremony
  President Kim Dong-one says, “Korea University stands for the spirit of altruism, solidarity, and camaraderie,” encouraging freshmen not to fear adventure or failure, but rather to equip themselves with a spirit of challenge.
He further elaborated:
           - “Grades are important, but it’s crucial to aspire for a broader and bigger world.”
           - “Let your life be enriched as you navigate freely through the vast ocean of books.”
           - “When faced with obstacles, may you have the patience and wisdom to find an alternative path.”



화정체육관을 가득 메운 신입생과 학부모, 학생들

▲ Freshmen and their parents, and students filled the Hwajeong Tiger Dome to capacity



Korea University held its entrance ceremony for the 2024 freshman class at the Hwajeong Gymnasium on Thursday, February 29 at 10 a.m.

The event packed the Hwajeong Tiger Dome with over 7,000 participants, including the freshmen and their parents.


During the ceremony, Bae Seo-yoon from the Department of Public Administration in the College of Political Science and Economics, and Woo Min-seo from the Division of Biotechnology in the College of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, were honored with the Anam Scholarship Certificate.



안암장학증서를 받는 배서윤 학생

▲ Bae Seo-yoon receiving Anam Scholarship Certificate



안암장학증서를 받는 우민서 학생

▲ Woo Min-seo receiving Anam Scholarship Certificate



President Kim Dong-one addressed the freshmen, emphasizing, “The spirit of Korea University isn’t just some vague concept or slogan. It embodies a noble altruism, prioritizing the nation’s welfare, a principle deeply ingrained in our university’s history. Originating from our founding philosophy that ‘education saves the nation,’ this spirit of selflessness places our community and nation above the individual. Moreover, Korea University’s spirit includes a unique sense of solidarity and camaraderie found nowhere else. I am certain that, through your experiences on campus, each of you will truly become integral members of the KU community and stand as proud figures in our future society.”

  ○ First and foremost, think big and aim high! (Dream big dreams and set bold goals for yourself.)
He urged, “I want you to broaden your horizons beyond personal ambitions and think about the greater good—our nation, the world, and humanity as a whole. This is in the spirit of the visionary leaders and pioneers from Korea University’s storied past. Keep in mind, global icons like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and the late Steve Jobs all founded their groundbreaking companies in their 20s. At Korea University, we are dedicated to providing unwavering support to our freshmen, empowering them to achieve their lofty goals with an open mind and strong conviction.”
  ○ Second, I strongly encourage you to read books.
He continued, “Books are vessels of wisdom, experience, and the collective knowledge of those who have pondered humanity and the world before us. For students who are yet to gather extensive life experiences, reading a great book is akin to standing on the shoulders of giants, allowing you to see the world from a broader and more expansive perspective.” He added, “I believe that reading enriches the depth and breadth of your thoughts. As you navigate through the vast sea of books, I hope your life becomes more enriched, enlightened, and filled with ambition.”
  ○ Third, do not be afraid of failure and embrace challenges and adventures.
He concluded his speech with, “Embarking on new challenges and adventures often leads to periods of uncertainty or even failure. College is a time for embracing these challenges and opportunities, a period when the youth, by virtue of being young, can afford to experiment and learn from their mistakes.” He continued, “You should not shy away from challenges and adventures for fear of failing. Education here goes beyond academic learning; it’s about embracing the spirit of altruism that Korea University stands for—putting others and society before oneself. This, along with a culture of positivity, strong solidarity, and camaraderie, is nurtured through engaging in a variety of interests, activities, and social experiences outside your major. Simply being a part of KU doesn’t mean you automatically embody its spirit. It’s something that truly comes alive only when you actively take control of your journey, facing new challenges with enthusiasm and a proactive attitude towards life, never settling for the status quo.” He encouraged the freshmen to take an active role in creatively charting a new course for South Korea as it makes its mark on the global stage.



입학식사를 하는 김동원 총장

▲ President Kim Dong-one delivering his speech at the entrance ceremony



Seung Myung-ho, President of the Korea University Alumni Association, began his speech of encouragement, saying, “Each person here has gone through a highly challenging and strenuous period of preparation, armed with determination, patience, and wisdom.”    

  ○ He then shifted focus to the Alumni Association, stating, “Upon joining Korea University and eventually graduating, you’ll have a unique point of pride: becoming a member of the KU Alumni Association.” He went on to say, “The KU Alumni Association is envied by many for its unparalleled solidarity and generous tolerance.” He further noted, “Even after graduation, the 360,000 alumni continue to be united in their love and pride for their alma mater, actively leading scholarship initiatives for juniors and supporting the development of the university,” expressing his pride in KU.
  ○ What you learn, experience and feel during your college years will become a solid foundation and invaluable asset for the rest of your life. So, don’t hesitate to explore, listen, and immerse yourself in new experiences,” he emphasized.
  ○ Concluding his speech, he said, “Freedom—to love yourself, to discover and pursue your dreams, and to take on challenges! Justice—that extends love not only to yourself but also to your friends, neighbors, and society, and has the courage to stand up for them! Truth—that always lights the way for the future of our nation and humanity!” Referring to the spirit of Korea University, he reminded the freshmen that they are supported by a community of senior alumni who will always be there to protect and assist them.



격려사하는 승명호 교우회장

▲▲ Alumni Association President Seung Myung-ho giving his speech of encouragement



.In celebration of the newly admitted students, the student clubs, including the orchestra, choir, and KUDT (Korea University Dance Team), delivered joyful performances.

Additionally, the cheering squad provided an opportunity for the freshmen to experience Korea University’s powerful and spectacular cheers.


퇴장하는 김동원 총장(왼쪽)과 승명호 교우회장(오른쪽)

▲ President Kim Dong-one (left) and Alumni Association President Seung Myung-ho (right) leaving the ceremony

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