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Student Counseling Center

The KU Student Counseling Center provides support for psychological health and happiness in the lives of every Korea University student. Students receive help resolving their psychological difficulties, such as interpersonal relationships, conflict within the family, academic problems, and career issues.

  • Seoul Campus

    Student Counseling Center - Central Square #114

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  • Sejong Campus

    Hoyeon 4th Hall in the student cafeteria

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Gender Equality Center

Implementing education on sexual harassment and sexual assault, as well as sex trafficking and domestic violence prevention for all members of KU, and immediately responding and providing counseling for sexual harm that occurs on campus, furthermore, contributing to creating a campus culture in which there is no discrimination due to the person’s innate gender, and also providing an environment where individual dignity and their potential can be maximized.

Human Rights Center

Korea University Human Rights Center protects and promotes human rights in Korea University. We provide human rights education and counseling to human rights violations within the campus. Along with human rights related programs and forums, Human Rights Center continues research on human rights.