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Museum Visits & Culture Classes


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Clinical Legal Education Center (Legal Clinic CLEC)

  • Law school students providing free legal advice under the guidance of professors and lawyers
    Law School Clinical Legal Education Center

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Seongbuk District Healthy Family Support Center

  • Seongbuk District Healthy Family Support Center is a family service agency commissioned by the Seongbuk district office and operating under the management of Korea University since 2006 in order to provide various family services for “creating a happy Seongbuk family”.
    • Family crisis - Professional counseling for couples and families in conflict, group counseling, psychological testing
    • Pre-marriage classes, parenting education, Moving Father Class, family education such as family programs
    • Family-friendly cultural events for developing family intimacy such as a day of family love
    • Local community share & care networks, such as mentoring junior high students on learning and emotional support in associations with the Korea University social volunteer group, family volunteer service center, and sharing family workloads.
    • Various integrated family services such as supporting single-parent families
    • All family services are provided free of charge.
    Seongbuk District Healthy Family Support Center

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