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kubuddy 캐릭터

KU BUDDY Characters can be used by KU members
to express a variety of emotions they experience
in their school life, and to react to others.


호랑이 캐릭터

HOI HOI was born deep inside the valley where Anam Village was located. This spiritual being appears wherever and whenever there is need. HOI always has a cheerful smile as well as a youthful heart that never tolerates injustice.

고대생 캐릭터

KUI KUI has entered the KU of its dreams, but struggles with difficulties in the real world and sometimes loses its grip. KUI has a curious personality and a pure heart, and always smiles brightly even when being nagged by someone. KUI hates taking off its hoodie.

다람쥐 캐릭터

DARO DARO is living in hiding somewhere on Squirrel Trail. In fact, DARO is a god from Mt. Gaeun, but as it is shy, it is at a loss when it meets students. However, when they make eye contact with DARO and make a wish, it eventually grants their wish as it has a good heart.

잣나무 캐릭터

MUMU MUMU is a pine tree that bears green pine nut cones. MUMU itself has the form of a cone, and possesses a mysterious substance that helps relieve stress, which makes MUMU KUI’s best friend.

고양이 캐릭터

GOGO GOGO is the real owner of the campus who roams around its domain. GOGO always has a plump shape, as it enjoys eating well and playing, escorted by several butlers.

화강암 캐릭터

ANAM When HOI was born in Anam Village, ANAM became HOI’s first friend. ANAM, a giant granite rock that was born 200 million years ago, has made itself small so that it can hang out with its friends. ANAM often gives its favorite plum blossom to its friends.

참새 캐릭터

PUR,PAR,PER PUR,PAR,PER are three blue baby birds who follow HOI out of respect and admiration. Because their wings have not yet fully developed, they practice flying every day, while looking forward to being able to fly someday.

막걸리와 주전자 캐릭터

CHAMI & SARI CHAMI & SARI usually hang out around Chamsari Trail, and they have always given great support to KUI. They have the ability to unite KU members, but sometimes they are too straightforward, so they provoke the animosity of their friends.


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KU BUDDY Character Guide
The KU BUDDY Character Guide consists of the regulations surrounding the employment of these characters in various media.

  1. The KU BUDDY characters are the property of Korea University. Their copyrights and trademarks belong to KU and are protected under the relevant laws.
  2. In the case of the employment of the characters, unauthorized or accidental copying, alteration, and/or disclosure to the public is prohibited.
  3. The characters cannot be used for commercial purposes without the prior permission of the copyright holder. To request permission for commercial use, contact the Korea University
  4. For more information, contact the Communications Team (02-3290-1063).

KU BUDDY Character Guide