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Charter of Ethics

Code of Ethics for Students

The students of Korea University, as critical drivers responsible for the development of the nation and humanity, as individuals devoted to studies and who must cultivate intelligence as well as spiritual and physical potential, and as members of the university community and civil society, shall uphold this Code of Ethics.

First, all students shall both support the university’s educational ideals and vision and devote themselves to creative academic pursuits with diligence, integrity, and passion.

Second, all students shall be committed to academic pursuits and enhance their competence in relevant fields, so as to contribute to the advancement of civilization and the enrichment of culture.

Third, all students, as cultured individuals who have received higher education, shall both observe the university’s rules and relevant regulations and perform academic duties with both a scholarly and ethical conscience.

Fourth, all students shall respect the rights of others, embrace diversity, and spread peace by acknowledging differences in religion, beliefs, and culture.

Fifth, all students shall strive to become key individuals in the development of the nation and human society based on sound values and a mature sense of civic awareness.

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