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Charter of Ethics

Code of Ethics for Staff

The staff of Korea University, as professionals conducting university administration at Korea University, as members of the university community fostering talent for the nation and humanity and as members of civil society, shall uphold this Code of Ethics.

First, all staff shall both support the university’s educational ideals and vision and strive to achieve the university’s goals by exercising their responsibilities with creativity and diligence. They shall strive to gain expertise in their areas of educational administration and enhance their competence through continuous self-improvement.

Second, all staff shall exert efforts to both improve their sense of professionalism and pride as pivotal role players in university administration and contribute to creating a more conducive educational and research environment to foster leaders able to lead change and innovation.

Third, all staff shall perform their duties in an equitable, efficient manner based on trust and cooperation with all members of the university and observe all relevant laws and regulations in their undertakings.

Fourth, all staff shall strive to uphold the highest ethical standards, uphold individual integrity, and preserve and enhance the reputation of the university. They shall maintain integrity and transparency according to standards set by society and not pursue individual profit while engaged in their professional duties.

Fifth, all staff shall engage in exemplary conduct in activities within and outside the university. They shall contribute to university development by setting an example for other universities in terms of administration and a forward-looking vision.

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