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Instructions for Handling Lost and Found

Procedures Regarding Lost & Found Processing

The procedures for lost & found processing apply to all lost property that occurs on campus for the purpose of providing a fast and convenient service to the claimant.

Registering Lost & Found Item
  • The principle of the lost & found process is for the item to be registered at the One-Stop Service Center (School, Science Building) and collected by the owner of a lost article.
  • Lost & found items received at other departments must be immediately transferred to the One-Stop Service Center (School, Science Building) by the department staff.
  • Lost & found processing manager records in detail every lost & found item in the lost & found management register.
  • Lost & found items containing personal information are notified immediately by phone, and if contact cannot be established the item is recorded in the register after it is registered for processing at the post office.
  • If the owner of the lost item cannot be identified, then information about the item is posted for one month on the KU homepage one-stop service center lost & found forum, and kept in storage for a total period of three months including the duration of the information posting (the principle is to kept the item in storage for three months which includes the one month that it is exhibited online).

    However, the department manager shall promptly dispose the item if the lost property is too dangerous to keep (such as foods, flammable substances, potential cause of odors, and other items deemed dangerous for storage).

  • When a person seeks the lost property returned, the lost & found processing staff is required to request a form of verification regarding the person’s name and identity such as an identification card or ask necessary questions about the item in order to confirm ownership of the item in question, and if the ownership is confirmed then the recipient’s information is recorded in the management register to confirm reception of the item (the principle is for the owner to receive the item in person).
Disposal Procedures for Lost & Found Property Passed the Retention Period
  • In accordance with the lost & found processing procedures, if an ownership claim is not made within the storage period (3 months), then the item is listed for a public auction at the lost & found forum with all proceeding of the auction going to the student welfare fund.
  • Items with personal information such as various documents, ID cards, and credit cards will be discarded after being recorded in the management register (However, items deemed important such as documents and ID cards will be contacted to its issuing department to determine whether to discard the item).

Further provisions other than that which is detailed above will refer to the Lost Articles Act (Article No. 5935) or the regulations of the metro lost & found center.