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Korea University


QS Subject Rankings 26 areas Entered the top 100

QS World University  Rankings 2020 69th First among local private  universities for 6 consecutive years.


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2030 Vision

KU 4.0 혁신 플랫폼 3대 전략. 창의 융합형 콘텐츠 확신, 참여소통현 네트워킹 혁신, 미래선도형 인프라 혁신

Creative, convergence content innovation

- Establishment of platform for innovative value-creating education
- Establishment of flexible system for academic affairs management
- Establishment of system to foster future-oriented talent
- Establishment of sharing platform for ICT-based learning
- Strengthening of research planning and management system
- Improvement of research innovation ecosystem
- Fostering of basic and multidisciplinary research
- Support for world-class research standards

Participatory and communicative networking innovation

Industry-university cooperation
- Leadership of the fourth industrial revolution
- Maximization of knowledge value
- Development of innovative ecosystem governance
- Establishment of innovative resource hub
Global-oriented initiatives
- Establishment of sharing platform for fostering of global talent
- Enhancement of KU’s global reputation
Social contributions
- Development of organization dedicated to contributing to society
- Establishment of socially-engaged education model
- Creation of shared values
- Enhancement of the status of the university

Future-oriented infrastructure innovation

- Strengthening of strategic planning function
- Decentralization and greater autonomy for departments
- Expansion of customizable, integrated services
- Improvement of work processes
- Establishment of world-class ICT infrastructure
- Improvement of information system for innovation support
- Strengthening of innovative capacity for the establishment of an information platform
- Development of SMART campus revolving around intelligent information
- Progress toward becoming leading campus in the fourth industrial revolution
- Development of innovative future-oriented campus